Floor Cleaning Services

From a cleaning perspective, nothing reflects on the appearance of your building like well-maintained floors kept at peak finish. We rely on manufacturer Floor cleaning recommendation as well as our own broad experience base for the best products, equipment and methods to enhance and extend the life of all hard-flooring types. Whether recently installed or neglected for years, we develop short- and long-term treatment plans carried out by a team of floor cleaning specialists. These customized service plans cover every task from daily buffing to annual stripping and waxing. The result is a process that’s hardly noticeable but an outcome that can’t be ignored.

Most businesses, however, simply don’t have the time or staff necessary to ensure that their floors are up to such standards. Aside from the time that staff is working within the business, any other available time is usually invested in working on the business – supporting it, growing it, nurturing it. That’s where FMP Cleaning Services comes in. Let our Floor cleaning professionals buff and shine your floor so that it’s bright and shiny when prospective customers walk through your facilities so that you can focus on securing their business.

Floor Cleaning Services Includes:

What’s a floor buffer?

A floor buffer is a rotary scrubbing machine that has the general appearance of a vacuum cleaner but functions more like a sander. It has handles that extend outward for a user to slowly push the machine back and forth across the floor. The underside of the floor buffer has an element that rotates at a speed of over 1000 revolutions per minute. Cleaning and polishing pads that buff and shine the floor are attached and later removed from the rotating element. It is a very useful tool for all commercial cleaning services.

How does floor buffing work?

Our staff members are highly trained professionals in all aspects of commercial cleaning services, including using a floor buffer. Our floor buffing process begins with us sweeping and dusting your floor to remove any loose dirt and dust. After the floor has been swept, if necessary, we mop the floor and allow it to dry before buffing. The floor buffing process has a few steps:

  1. We choose a correct pad and cleaning solution for the buffing machine based on the type of floor that your business has. There’s a difference between linoleum, hardwood, and tile floors. We choose the cleaning solution and pad that’s ideal for your floors.
  2. We apply a mixture of the cleaning solution and water liberally on the floor and begin cleaning the floor by moving the machine up and down in rows. Once the entire floor has been treated, we repeat the process as necessary on any remaining areas of the floor that still need extra treatment.
  3. Cleaning pads are changed when they become dirty or worn out.
  4. The floor is dusted and mopped again after the floor is buffed to remove any dirty solution that was left on the floor. If necessary, a wet vacuum is used to clean up the dirty cleaning solution when extra amounts of it were used on the floors.
  5. If requested, a polishing pad is attached to the machine to create a very bright shine on the floor.
  6. Finally, if the client desires, wax can be stripped and re-applied. Floor wax is pretty durable and doesn’t need to be removed and reapplied every time the floor is buffed. Depending on the amount of traffic the floor endures, the normal time frame for wax stripping is six months to one year.

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What Client’s Say

“This was a very high profile job and cleaners were efficient, respectful, responsive and professional”
John, NYC Human Resources Administration
“Your workers are professional, honest, respectful, courteous and an asset to your organization. We appreciate their service and highly recommend them.”
Tom, Stop and Shop
Let me say something. You have an amazing team and amazing/awesome customer support. They helped me on weekend. This is what I call an “extra mile” in customer relationship. So I gave 5 stars for service and if I could, I’d give 10 stars for Service.
“The cleaning team did a great job. A pleasant, hard-working crew.”
Mike, Shoprite
“Cleaning crew was very efficient and professional. They were also respectful to shoppers.”
Chris, Hannaford
“The crew did an incredible job cleaning the client’s apartment. The client and management office are very impressed.”