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With our Institutional Cleaning Services  keep your classes & environment clean.

The cleanliness of your institution says a lot about the way you or your institution keep your students and staff safe, productive, and healthy. A clean educational environment will benefit everybody.

It’s amazing how quickly a newly cleaned classroom can become dirty and disorganized. On a daily basis, most classroom environments are full of lively students involved in a variety of activities. Both teachers and administrators understand the importance of keeping a classroom as clean as possible. The following are a few specific reasons why it is so vital for teachers to keep their classrooms clean and read how a commercial building cleaning service can help.

First, whether there are thirty kids gathered in a classroom or just two, there are certainly germs present. Furthermore, germs can be found in a number of places within a classroom environment. For instance, desks and chairs are places where germs are found. Desks and chairs in a classroom are shared by several students throughout the school day. Not surprisingly, when one student gets up to change classes the next one who sits down at the desk picks up the germs that were left behind. School cleaning services can help to cut down on the amount of germs left in these areas with special equipment as well as cleaning solutions. Janitor services can also be useful in making sure the floors underneath the school desks are clean and free of dust. The window sills, door handles, the teacher’s desk, and coat rooms in a classroom are also places where germs can gather. An efficient commercial cleaning service can help to reduce the amount of germs that reside in a classroom environment. By reducing the germs in a classroom, fewer students will become ill and have to miss valuable school time.

Another reason that classrooms should be kept clean is to reduce the amount of bacteria in the environment. For instance, preschool students may have access to a restroom situated in one corner of the classroom. This is a place where bacteria can really build up. Preschoolers are just learning to wash their hands properly as well as use the toilet. The floor, sink, door handle, and toilet of a preschool restroom must be monitored and cleaned frequently to keep down the level of bacteria. Once again, school cleaning services are available to give a school’s bathrooms a thorough cleaning in order to remove harmful bacteria. There are cleaning solutions that can rid a bathroom of strong bacteria that can cause intestinal illness and other sicknesses in preschoolers. In short, school cleaning services are a necessity for a classroom full of energetic preschoolers.

Institutional Cleaning Services Includes:

  • Emptying All Trash Receptacles
  • Cleaning and Sanitizing Restroom
  • Dusting and Polishing Furniture as Needed
  • Dusting Window Blinds and Horizontal Surfaces on a Regular Basis
  • Vacuuming All Carpets and Spot Clean as Needed
  • Sweeping and Mopping Any Tile or Hard Flooring
  • Window Cleaning – Interior and Exterior
  • Dusting Air Vents and Returns Along with Ceiling Fans on a Regular Basis

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